Who Are We?

We believe that every blockchain project deserves attention.

There are many promising blockchain projects around the World who need attention and funding to be able to continue its course. There are also many lesser known, albeit highly professional crypto exchanges around the World who need promising projects that they can present to their investors. We have therefore decided to connect the supply and the demand with the aim of supporting both the project owners as well as the crypto exchanges with a fast, cost efficient implementation to bridge this gap.

The Hi5Ex project brings a new approach to project listing in the crypto / blockchain realm: We’ll get you listed for on select exchanges in a relatively short time!

Exposure = growth opportunity. Not only your investors but also a large group of keen traders are waiting to learn about your project!

One More Thing: Hi5Ex.com lists every single crypto exchange around the World that provides an API. 

Dr. Csaba Székelyhidi

Dr. Csaba Székelyhidi


Benjamin Borsodi

Benjamin Borsodi

Project Manager

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